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Typeset exhibition at Image Now

We are delighted to be asked to contribute a piece to the Typeset exhibition in Dublin. It showcases the work of Irish designers around the broad idea of type and animation. We took this literally and experimented with the connections in form between different letters. For instance, some characters such as 'A' and 'a' have very different glyphs, whereas 'C' and 'c' share the same basic structure. We used a custom weight of the typeface Simplex by Dr AV Hershey (1967) because of its skeletal shapes and our fascinastion with old vector technology. In the end we made a full A-z that runs well over 1,000 frames of animation.

A short version of the animation is above. The long version breaks this News section but can be viewed here. All other entries are viewable here.

Completed with Amira Prescott.

Out There exhibition at Somerset House

We have been commissioned by Historic England and to art direct and design the exhibition Out There at Somerset House. It explores post-war public art in Britain and focuses on the people and stories behind the pieces. We had access to a brilliant photographic archive from the period and were struck by the less formal images of the public interacting with the art. This became the photographic theme for selecting images to promote the show, such as the slightly sceptic man between the Hepworth above.

Out There is curated by Sarah Gaventa.

London Institute of Photography

The studio is excited to be designing the identity for a new centre for photographic education founded by the the zuper talented Holger Pooten. We based the logo on a edited version of the modular typeface PDU — which is built out of combining units, much like the courses at the institute. A sneak peek at the logo is above with a full website to follow.

Neglected website

Like most design studios at some point, we have neglected our website. It is a rite of passage.

Never Mind The Bollards opens

Working with curator Sarah Gaventa, we designed the identity and materials for 'Never Mind The Bollards', an installation which is outside New London Architecture in South Crescent. It is a design history of public space focusing on things often overlooked such as manhole covers, paving, railings, road signs and of course bollards! We designed the signage using reflective road sign materials and also managed to talk the client into producing a newspaper titled 'The Bollard Observer' (complete with an Orwellian-esque all-seeing-bollard logo) as this is what people read in public space. This project was a real pleasure to get lost in.

Completed with Virgile Janssen.

Bare Essentials at Belmacz

The studio continues to work with the gallery at Belmacz. This time on materials for a retrospective exhibition of Belmacz jewellery, chosen and arranged by May Cornet. The title typography highlights the different meanings and connections which are created by arranging items (or in this case letters).

Tom Dixon Milan Items

The studio has again designed items for Tom Dixon, this time for the Milan launch. Most of the work completed is behind-the-scenes so we rarely talk much about it. It is doubtful if anyone outside the studio really cares about our passion for technical drawings, diagrams and specification sheets.

À bientôt Virgile!

Today is our brilliant Belgian intern Virgile Janssen's last day. Well, he quickly became more of a trusted member of the team than an intern. You'll be missed Virgile!

The studio occasionally offers internships, to apply send your worksamples here. We try to reply to all mails but sometimes this is just not possible — please don't take offense if you don't hear back.


The studio is happy to be part of Sarah Cleeremans' project which asks designers around the world 'Why do you do what you do?'. We are in great company and look forward to seeing the outcome. Above is part of our response to work using only a scanner. No Photoshop was harmed during its creation.

Popularis at Belmacz

The studio has designed the materials for Simon Mullan's solo show 'Popularis' at Belmacz. Shown is 'Roger', a beautiful minimalist composition created using tile and grout.

100/100 Book

A book of the 100/100 Beer Project has been released. It can be bought here. All proceeds go to the Artfund and there will be a further exhibition of the labels shortly, hopefully with some beer bottles to purchase. The label the studio designed with Lena Wallacher also features in the excellent Print Isn't Dead magazine. The label itself is viewable here. Unfortunately the organisers have not listed the full credits, sorry Lena!

Unexpected Encounters at Belmacz

The studio has designed the materials for Kasia Depta-Garapich's and Stanisław Wejman's exhibition Unexpected Encounters at Belmacz. The title typography is inspired by smoke as Wejman, a devotee smoker, has painted over his cigarette boxes' health warnings in a deliberate act of mischief, beautification, denial and defiance. These packets will be displayed.

18/12/14 — 05/01/15
Closed for holidays

The year is winding down so it is time to turn off everything and enjoy ourselves. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2015!

Display type with respect to Theo van Doesburg, 1919.

Search for the ideal client

We are always looking for interesting clients and projects to work on, but are often so busy that the search is not a priority. So we placed a classified advert in the studio's favourite design journal Works That Work. There is a whole list of attributes which make a great client, but these two would do nicely. Now we just need to wait for our dream clients to come to us.

In reality we placed the ad to support a great magazine. If you have any interest in design in the broadest sense, we highly recommend it.

Chain On Chain at Belmacz

The studio designed the materials for Camilla Løw's exhibition Chain on Chain at Belmacz. Her sculptures consist of beautiful pure shapes, colours and simple materials.


The studio has designed the logo and animation for PlayCreate, a new offshoot of PlayLab. Originally the project was a simple blog sister-site for PlayLab. However the scope has increased to focus on the wider role of play in creativity. So an evolving identity has been designed around the theme of play and transformation.

Designers in Residence at the Design Museum

The studio has designed some items with Ilona Gaynor as part of her Designers in Residence at the Design Museum. This years theme is disruption and Ilona's work highlights the connections between courtroom, theatre and cinema as well as the manipulation possible between these mediums. Our work consisted of a diagram, document, poster and a neon interpretation of the British court crest.

Collaboration with Mind Design

The studio is excited to be working again with Mind Design on concepts for an identity project of theirs. Mach einfach!

Work selected for The 100 Archive

Craig is delighted to have three projects selected for The 100 Archive, an initiative to document and record the past and future of visual communication design in Ireland. He is also very proud to get a mention amoungst some great Irish designers as 'one to watch'. The work submitted was for the 2011 section and completed while working at Mind Design. Thanks to them for the support.

07/07/14 — 14/07/14
Studio closed for Summer Holidays

The studio is closed for a short Summer break. Back on Monday 14th July.

Paper Moon on show at 2014 Oxford Futures Forum

Craig's collaboration with Ilona Gaynor is being displayed as part of the 2014 Oxford Futures Forum, curated by Lucy Kimbell. The work explores the emerging legal and economic consequences of prospective acquisitions currently on the horizon in Space. It is told through the language of an office; detailing various documents, models, maps, screen savers and an office-party-style cake. More images of the work can be found here. The work had been in the Netherlands for the last 6 months, apparently the remnants of the cake have mummified beautifully.

Bye Lena!

A bit of a retrofit news post but bye to the first studio intern Lena Wallacher, who had been working hard in the studio the last 3 months. Thanks Lena, you will be missed! Above is a photo from Hipster Foto Friday. In case you can't guess, she is the one in the middle. Henry is staying on.

GOLD at Belmacz

The studio designed the materials for the GOLD exhibition at Belmacz. Our concept was intended as a joke at the end of the presentation but Belmacz loved it. We created a cowboy infestation attracted to the Gold much like ants at a picnic. It is pleasure to have such a fearless client.

Studio move

The studio has moved up the road to a new premises on Dalston Lane. We will miss the general (and genuine) craziness of our old Well Street neighbourhood, maybe. Our new studio neighbours are worth checking out; Ilona 'No Nein Non' Gaynor and Thomas 'Toaster' Thwaites.

New address details here.

Beer Label for 100/100 exhibition

We are excited to be amoung the 100 artists and designers selected to create a beer label for the 100/100 exhibition. We were given a beer titled 'Sticky Banjo' so after lots of sketches and discussion we decided to draw a sticky banjo, some sticky typography and a dog. You can view all the entries here, we are number 065. But right now the site seems to crash Safari, so you may need to browse with Firefox or Chrome. We can't wait for the exhibition and to try the beer from The Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

news_18.1 news_18.2
Playlab website launched!

The Playlab website we have been working on is now online! The clock above accurately represents our schedule, but what a fun project to get lost in. It is designed to easily adapt to all platforms, from desktop to mobile screens. Playlab are a flurry of activity running workshops, events and consultations; all of which centre on play. We designed animations with Neal Coghlan and Alex Dobbin. Web development by Third System.

Bar for the Future

The studio has begun working on the design for the upcoming exhibition at Belmacz which deals with the utopia and dystopia of modern architecture. We love this subject and look forward to the show. Our design sketches revealed a nice 'b' shape for the title. B for Brutalism, Bauhaus, Béton and of course Belmacz!


Playwall typography

We were delighted to have been commissioned to create type treatments for Playwall, a huge touch-sensitive, programmable, drum machine-type LED wall built by Gavin Morris, which is now part of Playlab. In the end it turned into a mini-identity project, with a logo and a selection of patterns and colour-combinations designed so they can be created by the Playwall itself. Playing 8-bit Nintendo for all those years (and counting) has paid off.

Belmacz Circus TM opens

The studio has worked on the materials for the latest exhibition at Belmacz called Circus TM which opens today.

What Designers Do

Hochschule München student Karin Fischnaller has launched the website as part of her thesis research. Craig was delighted to be involved and answer some questions about the studio's working practices. We are in good company too, as the site features many other studios whose work we respect.

Playlab work-in-progress website launched

Long time client Playlab has commissioned the studio to design a new website. Work is already at an advanced stage but in the meantime a holding page was designed to show some the crazy things they get up to. Visit it here. Web development by Third System.

19/12/13 — 06/01/14
Closed for holidays

Best wishes to you and yours. It is time to relax, ramble and run a few Guinness through the system. See you in 2014.

Picture of Big Sugar Loaf, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Paper Moon exhibition opening

Yesterday was the opening of Paper Moon, Craig's collaboration with Ilona Gaynor at the V2 Institute in Rotterdam. The exhibition explores the emerging legal and economic consequences of prospective acquisitions currently on the horizon in Space. It is told through the language of an office; detailing various documents, models, maps, screen savers and the office-party-style cake above. More images can be found here. Also thanks to Benedict Singleton for sharing his time and wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Image © Ilona Gaynor

Tom Dixon Advent Offers launched

The studio has designed the visual direction for the Tom Dixon Advent Offers which launched today. The inspiration is bold wrapping paper patterns but used only in black. A kit of parts was designed including a collection of patterns, templates and typography guidelines. The implementation was then completed by their inhouse team.

Temporary studio move to The Netherlands

The studio is upping sticks and moving to Rotterdam for a month to work in collaboration with Ilona Gaynor on her artist residency at The V2 Institute for the Unstable Media. The project is based around loopholes in Space Law as part of the gallery's Extreme Scenarios theme. The final works will be exhibited in December. Tot ziens for now London!

Pictured is De Unie by J.J.P. Oud.

Dusseldorf students visit

Today the studio welcomed students from Fachhochschule Düsseldorf on a surprise visit as part of their London tour. The phonecall went something like: 'When do you want to come over?', 'We are already outside'. We showed the students some of our latest work and answered various questions about setting up a studio. Mostly our advice can be summed up as either 'Don't think too much, rather do' and 'Foolproof filing system'.

Copy/Paste by Maria Jose Argenzio opens at Instituto Cervantes of London

Yesterday saw the opening night of the exhibition and catalogue we worked on for Maria Jose Argenzio. The title of the show informed the design, with images and text copy-pasted out of sync on the various media. It was nice to work with an artist who recognises the difference between their work and a printed (or pixel) reproduction of the work. This allowed for more interesting photography crops which fitted the theme.

Munich Workshop

Craig helped run the workshop Die Große Corporate Design Maschine with Holger Jacobs as part of 20PlusX at Hochschule München. The idea was to build a 'big corporate design machine'. Each student picked a typical adjective from a typical corporate identity brief and then built a segment of the machine to produce a visual expression of the word. At the exhibition, orders where taken from visitors and the machine created bespoke posters from the adjectives requested. It was a great few days!

Pictured is the machine of Daniel Ippendorf.

Embassy of Ecuador

The studio is delighted to have The Embassy of Ecuador as a client. Hope and expectation building that the Ambassador will really spoil us with his Ferrero Rocher pyramid at some stage. In reality we will be working on the upcoming exhibition of Maria Jose Argenzio at Instituto Cervantes of London.

Belmacz site update online

The Belmacz website has been updated! We added a Gallery Archive to file past exhibitions at their busy gallery as well as simplfying the main navigation.

Belmacz Love Letters opens

The studio has worked on the materials for the latest exhibition at Belmacz called Love Letters. The exhibition is a tribute to the expression of love throughout the history of jewellery, by examples of Regency, Victorian, Zulu and Belmacz Gems. We designed printed materials, the window display and even a simple shelving system.

14/08/13 — 27/08/13
Studio closed for Summer Holidays

No sooner had we opened but we have now closed our doors for our Summer break :) Back soon!

Craig Sinnamon studio opens

Our London studio is open! Picking up from where Sinnamon Lang left off. The Lang part is now back home in Switzerland (you will be missed Andy!). The plan is to have a flexible, collaboration-based approach, forming project specific teams from our network of specialists and craftsman. If you have a project you want to discuss or would like to collaborate please get in touch.

Display type with respect to Theo van Doesburg, 1919.